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Cardinal Cleaning Inc. is an all-purpose carpet cleaning company based in Lindenhurst, NY which services Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island NY. 

The Biggest Issue we at Cardinal Carpet Cleaning Inc. have with hot water steam carpet cleaning is that the carpets are still dirty afterward.
If the goal is to remove the dirt from the carpet, how could it be successful when the technique results in completely saturated carpets?

Research has shown that hot water steam carpet cleaning techniques result in dirty water residue being left behind in the carpeting.
In order for hot water extraction to truly be an effective carpet cleaning method, the carpet would need to be rinsed numerous times to ensure that no dirty water is left behind which by accounts of some industry experts can be as much as 60% left behind.
This leftover dirty water has been known to cause odor, mold, and mildew issues.

Cardinal Cleaning Inc. recommends and prefers Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning, also known as Dry Carpet Cleaning.

Low moisture carpet cleaning is a relatively newer process, also referred to as Low Moisture Encapsulation.
Low Moisture Encapsulation is a highly efficient, new, evolving method for carpet cleaning which removes more surface dirt with less water and has a shorter drying time.

Our Low moisture carpet cleaning service utilizes several steps to clean your carpet.

First, we conduct a thorough vacuuming with an industrial vacuum system to loosen any high-level debris.
During the second stage of our process, your carpet will be lightly misted with hospital grade cleaner and disinfectant.
This cleaner will be allowed to set on your carpet for a few minutes to go to work breaking up any normal use stains.
For any heavier stains, we will apply a specially formulated cleaner and may use a little elbow grease to make sure this cleaner is working to break the stain up.

Third, Cardinal CLeaning Inc. will use an orbital carpet cleaning machine outfitted with special cotton carpet cleaning pads.
These pads, when used in conjunction with our orbital cleaner, are designed to gently scrub carpet fibers from the base of your carpet up.

Cardinal Cleaning Inc. will make several passes over your carpet in different directions to ensure carpet fibers are cleaned from multiple directions. We will “rake” your carpet with a stiff carpet rake to lift the carpet fibers back into an upright position.

Lastly, If you have high traffic areas where your carpet has become matted down, our process can help restore the look and feel of the carpet pile in these areas.

Cardinal Cleaning Inc. has earned a reputation for providing high-quality customer satisfaction service.
That’s because we always treat your home or office as if it were our own.
Just listen to what some of our customers have to say about our low moisture long island carpet cleaning service.

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