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Robin Windvogel, a young inspirational singer takes a different view on Donald Trump’s racial slur in his just released hot anti-racism anthem titled “Does It Matter?

“Does It Matter” is an up-tempo anthem that addresses systematic racism and racial profiling by Donald trump in his racist slur asking him if it really matters where one comes from. The song mentions some of the world greatest individuals and celebrities that didn’t come from the States.

In the punk rock-inspired track, Robin, 17, sings, “Brin broke barriers and gave us google, Chen and Karim gave anyone time on youtube, Shout out to MrStrauss for mylevis, Man I’m feeling the comfort, I’m penning these vibes. Why do we profile people using generalisation Or letting geo location brand us as a nation. Childrens dreams are facing amputation”

In the second verse, the singer speaks plainly in spanish to the message of his song, “Importa de donde vienes, O quieres contruir puentes. Como Mandela, yeah, Oscar de la Renta,yeah,  Isabel Allende, Sonia Sotomayor, J Lopez”. Robin asks Trump if it really matter where one comes from. “Does it really matter Mr. Trump”

Follow the links to check out the amazing song by Robin Windvogel on soundcloud and youtube respectively;,

About Robin Windvogel

Robin Windvogel is a 17 year old sensational singer based in Dublin, Ireland. The Young R&B/pop singer is an unsigned artist with exceptional skills in various instruments which includes guitar, keyboard etc. ‘Does It Matter’ is the First single from the talented singer.

For further information, contact Rowan Conrad at (085) 102-8783 or you can kindly send a mail to, you can also join him on Facebook @

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